Q: How do I get started with Sales & Marketing Architects?

A: Send an email to info@sales-marketingarchitects.com describing your requirements including the best way, time and person to contact or fill out the information request form on the website.



Q: What types of companies have you worked with?
We have worked with a variety of companies, for example: networking systems, semiconductor, enterprise software, computer, test & measurement, educational software, digital video, IP (intellectual property), consumer electronics, medical diagnostic equipment manufacturers, telecommunications.



Q: What types of projects have you worked on?
A: A breadth of sales, marketing, engineering and management projects have been undertaken including: new product definition, product positioning, channel sales development, M&A due diligence, NPI (new product introduction), trade show messaging, sales training,  process development, etc. to name a few.



Q: What types of problems have you solved?

A: A wide variety of issues have been resolved including:
• analysis of under-performing sales • re-defining new products • key customers requiring additional attention • need for product differentiation • product not selling according to expectations • every sale requires product development • need for additional targeted expertise • messages not clear to the intended audience • under-performing marketing group
• need for market development • need to determine which sales channel is most suitable • improve intra-company communication • need for enhanced external customer communication • consistent product pricing strategy • need for interim executive and leadership • evaluation of new line of business



Q: What are the Fees?
A: All fees are based according to the type, basis and criteria, plus expenses. Key Benefits are deterministic cost, easy to budget, expectations are set up-front