Sales & Marketing Architects -
has categorized its services into four groups to facilitate the search and identification of the service which best meets your needs.

Key Benefits

Easier to find desired expertise
Identify what you need
Facilitates time to solution
Expertise in multiple areas
Independent perspective

Utilize our expertise to free up internal resources, manage the process and facilitate decision making.

Discovery - Technology - Relationships - Return on Investment - Synergies

Below is a list of the services Sales & Marketing Architects provides. Take your time to get a feel for the breadth and scope of our specialities.

Service Categories

1.] Sales - 2.] Marketing - 3.] Management - 4.] Engineering

Account development

Account management

Business development

Business model analysis & development

Business plans

Channel development

Channel marketing

Channel strategy

Channel training

Contract development & negotiation

Core competency analysis

Engineering analysis


Intellectual property

Interim executive

International expertise

Investor presentations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Marketing plans

Marketing strategies

New product definition

New product introduction

Organizational structure

Process development

Product marketing

Program management

Relationship building

ROI analysis

Sales strategy

Sales training

Strategic business development

Strategic planning

Software business model

Technology assessment